About us:


Thanks to a long and in-depth R&D activity of a pool of engineers, it has developed and patented the Vibroacoustic technology at an international level with solutions that we are proud to promote and implement in our projects, as well as developing new and innovative devices for new and additional functionality.


Vibroacoustics is a consolidated technology with different applications in different fields for years, therefore applied by HST for innovative solutions for SOUND, bi-directional COMMUNICATIONS and alarms, during the development an innovative and revolutionary project for noise reduction and the selective reduction of noise, which is the focus of the HST engineering laboratories.Our mission is to spread the HST Vibroacoustic technology by developing projects and applications in different and large-scale fields, promoting innovative projects of IMMERSIVE SOUND, bi-directional COMMUNICATIONS in conditions of absolute freedom and supplementary alarm systems, applicable in unconventional and discreet conditions or for specific sectors such as transport, street furniture and protection from vandalism.

Innovative, advanced and economically sustainable solutions.

Our goal

We are proud to develop and implement Vibroacoustic HST solutions applied to projects for prestigious homes, offices and innovative Conference rooms, cutting-edge installations for Hotels, Restaurants & Hospitality and public urban environments, with immersive sound experiences and efficient and free communications. .

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