Thanks to HST Vibroacoustic technology, every surface, object or piece of furniture in your home becomes an active part of your safety, your entertainment and your communication.

Create a shop, an exhibition area, exclusive office, reception area or a highly efficient conference room with unprecedented acoustics and immersive soundinside an surprising environment.

It creates exclusive audio and speakerphone communication systems for the internal and external settings of boats, yachts or ships. Cabin, Suite, Batch and relaxing areas.

Environments with immersive sound and innovative audio plant for hotel areas, Hall, Suites, lounges, wellness areas and restaurants.

It creates excellent audio and speakerphone communication systems for outdoor settings, pergolas, gardens, beaches and public areas


Find out why our customers have chosen HST Vibroacoustic as their ultimate audio solution.


Traditional solutions

Immersive sound
Zero mantainence
Resistant to high temperatures
Energy saving
Sand & dustproof

Installation of waterproof audio and speakerphone communication systems, resistant to humidity and high temperatures. Surprising people with immersive sound inside unusual places.

HST Vibroacoustic applies its technology in various sectors including private aircraft cabin & suites, trains, subways, vintage cars and much more .. Immersive sound, privacy & protection, alarm.

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