With HST technology you will spend unforgettable moments with your family, listening to music or watching movies having an immersive sound with an amazing and invisible solution.

Communicate clearly and immersively throughout the room with your staff or customers with a simple installation of HST Vibroacustic.

Surprising environments with immersive audio and for emotional and innovative hotel areas; Hall, Lounge, Suite, Wellness Areas and Restaurants.

Free creation of audio and speakerphone communication systems by applying HST technology to lighting devices, such as lamps, spotlights, linear lamps or support structures for external lighting.

Realization of free audio and telephone communication systems in any setting, applying HST technology to furnishings, such as kitchens, living furnishings, bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor furniture, coatings and furnishing elements such as panels, paintings, radiators etc. .

HST technology allows you to apply and create invisible audio and communication systems, completely hidden and “insertable” in any context, even in particular ones with historical, artistic or architectural constraints.

Realization of free audio and telephone communication systems for the internal and external settings of Yachts, Boats, Ships or Cruises

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